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Shanghai OER founded in 2003, it is an agent which is commitment and specialized in introducing and promoting the global famous top ten brand name and its architectural and home hardware products into Chinese market.

With over the years of experience on doing the architectural hardware business for commercial, residential and public facility projects in China, OER has build up its own strong project engineering team that be able to offering our customer and owners of the property a wide range and comprehensive customized architectural hardware solutions which from architectural hardware proposal and budget preparation, particular products recommendation to the engineering installation etc., for the project. It is because of OER has been experienced in working closely and successfully with some famous Chinese and world's architectural design institutes and architectures since OER being formed.

In addition, OER has been recognized and respected by its customers and project owners of the property, due to OER providing to its customer with unique and customized proposal, excellent engineering services, its technologies and products for leading creative design, quality reliable products for the best project life timeand performance with the reasonable costs. Also, it is granted by built up great network and business relationship over the years with the world's well-know architectural and building hardware manufacturers.

Its unique business model, as well as customized and unique offerings has not only won a good reputation and word of mouth by the owner and architectural designer in Chinese market, while has also won praise and good reputation by the world's leading brands in the building and home decorative hardware manufacturers and providers.



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